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Meet the Founder

Born in Jamaica in the 1970s, Marlon Smikle is passionate about introducing people into the vast realm of digital assets. He is a dedicated, experienced, and motivated entrepreneur who took on a variety of professions until he finally decided to become a digital asset expert. He worked as a personal fitness trainer who offered his community an unrivaled enthusiasm for physical exercise and the accountability they needed to maintain their discipline and focus on their fitness goals. He served for 13 years in the United States Marine Corps and rose to the rank of Sergeant, allowing him to fulfill a childhood dream of being a uniformed officer. 

As a veteran with more than five years of experience, Marlon Smikle has been involved with digital assets for almost half the time it has been around. Being an alumnus of Metropolitan College of New York ascertains his competence to pursue his desire to educate and empower others to join the digital asset revolution. Many believe that the digital asset space is dangerous and, more often than not, a scam. However, Marlon wants to further educate anyone interested in it to prove them otherwise. Just like any other industry, there are dangerous people taking advantage of digital assets, which compels Marlon to step in and help the uninformed avoid these predators by providing his guidance and support. 

As a seasoned professional in the space of digital assets, Marlon has endured the arduous task of trial and error, which cost him considerable time and resources. He recognizes the need to have a digital asset expert like himself become a beacon for those just starting and building their experiences in the industry. Marlon’s most profound belief in this industry is that “we’re still early,” which simply means that the realm of digital assets, though still mostly undiscovered, can present us with a multitude of possibilities. Marlon posits that even though there is already a variety of digital assets, individuals who desire to join, learn, and experience its benefits may still do so. He believes that even those present from the inception of this industry wouldn’t accurately predict what lies in its boundless future.

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